BPC 157 for liver problems.

  1. BPC 157 for liver problems.

    Hi guys,

    I stumbled across bpc157 a while ago and been researching it since for tendon issues. however recently I had my blood's done and my liver enzymes are quite high, which has baffled me and my Dr as got haven't ever done any aas etc and rarely drink so I'm having a few more tests. Anyway I've seen a few things that bpc can help liver damage but can't find how it would be administered for the lives? Orally or sub q near the liver?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Bump!!

  3. I have used it for injury repairs but have never heard of it helping the liver. Maybe someone else has or can find research on it.

  4. Bpc 157 helped with my liver. After a course with it my liver enzymes were normal.

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