Halo/Rad run

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  1. Halo/Rad run

    6í1Ē, 216 lbs, 14% bf, 32 years old, lifting religiously past 6 years, longtime lurker of AM, first post ever. My test rats have run 5 cycles in their lives (1 epistane, 3 halodrol, 1 Rad solo), now 5 weeks in to cycle #6 (planning on 8 weeks total. Will post future cycle logs from beginning.
    Currently 100mg halo and 16 mg Rad per day. Fish oil, glucosamine/msm/chondroitin, TUDCA, massive amounts of water, all macros in order. Will run clomid and an otc after cycle for pct, nolva and exemestane on hand as well. Have not been gyno prone thus far in life. Strength gains are phenomenal and I have to talk myself into leaving the gym.
    The past week though I have been in a bout with insomnia. Never had this problem before from either compound when running solo. Was even running Rad at a slightly higher dose on its solo run. Going to try some valerian pills for starters I guess. Kratom hasnít work d for me in the past, z quil keeps me awake and a tall glass of Pendleton is currently not an option. Any input and criticism appreciated

  2. Sub’d
    Sounds interesting.

    I’m on week 4 of Test e & Halox

    Good luck man.

  3. Up 5 lbs in body weight from start of cycle. Sitting at 220.5 right now. Insomnia slowly subsiding. Got a solid 6 hrs last night, Iíll take it. Weight keeps moving up and libido rocking. I have no complaints thus far. Will throw up some pics soon.

  4. very interesting. I'll be following. Any test base?

  5. Yes running 4AD with. Sorry forgot to list in original post

  6. Subbed

  7. hows the strength gains? How much has your bench and etc..gone up?

  8. @ransom
    Need to test true 1rm on all 3 lifts yet. The endurance level of high working loads is pretty surreal. 2 days ago for instance, had a deadlift party: 315 for reps warmup, 405x6 for 3 sets, 455x4 for 3 sets, then finished up with 495 for a double and 2 singles. Immediately after jumped on bench. Warmup close grip 135x10, reg grip 225x10, 315x5, 335x3, then pyramid back down to 135 and finish with reverse grips. Will test true 1rm of each lift individually and on separate days near end of cycle or possibly at start of pct. I donít know if this is normal but previous cycles I seemed to be strongest (1rm wise) during pct.

  9. Insomnia has subsided. Back on 8 hr sleep cycle. Thinking will bump rad to a nice even 20 mg per day after New Years. Probably start training log in other forum as well for tracking. Next two days will be a bit slow. Just abs and cardio on the wife . Then back to the gym to scare off the one month resolution warriors. Happy New Years!

  10. Hey man, which brand 4ad you using? And how much per day? I was planning g a 4ad/halo cycle myself

  11. @DennisC1986

    Primeval 300 mg per day

  12. When you say 4ad are we talking 4-dhea? Or 4diol?

  13. Dhea

  14. Yeah I just looked it up. Thanks man

  15. Upped dosage to 20mg rad and 125mg halo to finish up last 2 weeks of cycle. All is well.

  16. Keep up the good work, planning on a 4-andro and halo run myself in a few months

  17. Slight lethargy this morning (expectant of Rad at this point I guess), but crushed it once lifting. 7 days left on cycle, no complaints.

  18. 16 mg definitely sweet spot. Encountering sides at 20. Slight lethargy, morning bloody noses and peculiar feelings at night; best way to describe is I can feel my teeth growing lol. So naturally, sleep is affected. Tapered back to 16 yesterday. Regardless, only a few days left till pct

  19. Rad is ruff stuff but the gains are real. One week left, you got this

  20. Quote Originally Posted by RANS0M View Post
    Rad is ruff stuff but the gains are real. One week left, you got this
    Thanks man. Itís been a good ride so far

  21. Quote Originally Posted by SkRaw85 View Post
    Thanks man. Itís been a good ride so far
    I'm about to start this S23/YK11 cycle in a couple weeks, wait I'm not but my silver back purple gorilla is

  22. Mammals love cultivating mass

  23. Final day of cycle. Weighed in 222 this morn. Been 8 weeks halo, 5 weeks rad. Donít think Iíll run rad over 4 weeks again, lesson learned. Quite lethargic today as reflected in workout but still got it done. Another damned bloody nose day.

  24. 8 weeks halo? What dosage? I just started 100 mg today.

  25. start 75, upped to 125


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