Volte for BUFFS!!!!

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  1. Vote for BUFFS!!!!

    Hey guys i am posting this link asking for you to vote for me for this contest i entered for the chance to be a model for this clothing line!
    **** and Chick Diezel Contestants
    There is the link vote now!!!! Thanks all!! Make sure you vote for Heath!!!!!!thats me!!

    Be back soon in orlando bad internet connection! Flying back tomorrow!!

    Talk to you all soon!!!

  2. +1 to your votes lookin good mayn, GL with the contest!

  3. I got you, H!! Good luck with this brother! :bb3:

  4. +1 vote. Good luck

  5. gotcha covered my friend...your up by like 5 votes

  6. 6 now

  7. make it 7

  8. Thanks guys!!! I am going to owe this to you guys for sure!!
    Keep em coming!!

    YOu guys freaking rock!!

  9. You know I got ya bro...

  10. Man you guys are awesome!!

    You can vote everyday it doesnt end till around july i think!

    Ah yeah lets rick this guys!!!

  11. +1


  12. I got you brotha

  13. I refuse to "volte".

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  14. +1 bro

    looking good

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo View Post
    I refuse to "volte".

    I thought that was French!

  16. +1 dude...good luck

  17. Sorry bud, I volted for Alisa...

    ...naw J/K, I gotcha back!

  18. Gotcha!

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  19. Thanks guys you are the best!!

    LETS ROCK THIS and SMOKE THE COMP!! Voting ends May 29th!

    Vote everyday!!!

    I just got back home right now rough flight bad weather coming into pittsburgh. I am beat i will be catching up with you all in the morning!!


    Thanks so much!!

  20. You got my vote good luck!!!

  21. Buff!!! You are tied for the overall lead w/ Teresa () and waaaaayyyyy ahead of the rest of the dudes!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  22. haha x2 now,

  23. same brutha...AM got ya for sure

  24. Thanks GUYS!!!!


    Keep it up guys!!! Thanks again!



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