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  • Budman7811
    I was going to order agmatine finally, I just was wondering if you all are having anymore specials.... ansd if not The store on here doesnt sell your agamatine am I missing something?
    I noticed you are a triathlete. Me too! I'm kinda interested in going through my first cycle and have done some research, but haven't settled on the gear to use. Recommendations would be so helpful!
    Thanks for the welcome :)

    Actually just signed up for yalls future beta testing thing that got posted on
    I was going to PM ya but I see PMing is still down. Hope you have been well.After the holidays are over and I can get some supp money again Ill be grabbing some more Glycobol can you say
    Got the HGHpro mini log up brah!
    crowler sign me up for the sample just finished a cycle of epi and shut down a bit and need that support most definitely. will log any and all details
    hey there had sum questions about life support and my almost 80 yr old father in law, he survived colon cancer, they now have him on Lupron(anti test) he feels like **** is always tired , and i read about the werk up on life support and thought that if i cant give him test, i might as well try to get his body to werk as well as possible with out it. if ya have any advice i hate to post this because all people do is flame ya so, i came to the reps. thanx in advance.
    hey question, im in the 3rd week of my 20,30,30,40 epi cycle and i have my Post cycle support, im wondering what else i really need. im guessing retain? theres simply way too many opinions flying aroudn for me to get a strait answer.
    Can you please tell me when VIPNutritionStore is un-banned? Thanks
    Hey I was wondering, I have never taken anything except muscle tech suff. I just got in some jacked and some lean fx. I was wondering if I could take this with glycobol. And how do you think that would work?
    sup im fairly new here but I saw a post about u saying something bout seeing a ghost or something whats all that about?
    What i meant to write in was.......I have been using your 'Essentials' the last few weeks (thanks to a trade with stx and dg), and i'm really impressed, mike. I've been mixing it with my vitaberry, and it's one hell of a combo my man. Cheers to another fantastic AI product my friend. :)
    John Smeton
    I'd like to request the protein powder scoops are made normal size because although it was great protein powder, i was dosing wrong for a long time. I think i went though a whole 5 lb tub doing 2 scoops instead of three. its been a while I forget i remember I had problems with the dosing.
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