View Poll Results: Guess the new flavor at Anabolic Innovations

82. This poll is closed
  • Punch

    8 9.76%
  • Lemon

    2 2.44%
  • Apple

    11 13.41%
  • Coffee

    22 26.83%
  • Cookies N'Cream

    39 47.56%

Win a FREE Pound of Whey Isolate

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  1. Win a FREE Pound of Whey Isolate

    Ok here is the contest.

    Choose from the list which of the flavors you think is our NEW flavor.

    After a couple days we will pick at random from the list of people who correctly guessed in the poll.

    Here is a clue we ALREADY sell the following 14 flavors of protein powder so it is NOT one of them.

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter/Chocolate
      The Elvis Peanut Butter/Banana
      Mocha Mud Slide
      Chocolate Banana Split
      Mint Chocolate Chip
      Plain Jane

    So vote for your guess. If you would like you can also post your guess.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  2. I'm in with Bubble Gum er I mean punch (there was no poll when I posted, thought that was strange)
    Last edited by Basso; 06-23-2006 at 01:07 AM.

  3. Cookies N'Cream

  4. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    Cookies N'Cream
    YR copied my answer................


  5. Coffee!!!!!!

  6. ....coffeeeeeee

  7. cookies mmmmm

  8. cookies n cream!

  9. Wow, probably the easiest contest ever

  10. Guess i'm the only one who noticed eh?

  11. coffee? my official guess is brazilian ground fresh coffee with 1 splenda and 1 shot of skim milk.

  12. Everything is coffee flavored now

  13. I voted C&C.


  14. I'm guessin Cookie N Cream..... That why he hired Lake he needed extra "cream" HAHAHAH
  15. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    cookies n cream!

  16. Cookies and Cream ..... oh yeh ...

  17. C&C

    Music Factory .......

    things that make you go hmmmmm

  18. Even thought it maybe to obvious I say Cookies N Cream

  19. Im gonna guess Apple

  20. Cookies N'Cream is sounding mighty good right about now.

  21. Cookies n cream mmmmm.

    I still need to try peanut butter but cookies n cream sounds so damn good right now!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    Im gonna guess Apple
    Apple flavored whey sounds nasty tasting.

  23. my guess is cookies and cream

  24. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    Apple flavored whey sounds nasty tasting.

    Your just a sour puss LMAO!!!!!!!!

  25. Wouldn't mind some apple whey actually, sounds tasty.


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