What to stack with Alphamax & Follidrone


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Hey all, currently running Alphamax XT (4/day) with BLR Follidrone 2.0 (3/day) started them at the same time and was planning 8 week run, but am now considering bridging the Alphamax into another natty product. Since Follidrone can be run as long as one wants, I was considering adding something in at week 4 and running that alongside both the Alphamax and Follidrone for four weeks, then dropping the Alphamax after 8 weeks and continue the Follidrone and other product. I just can’t seem to decide on any yet and was hoping for some answers.
I was originally thinking AnaBeta Elite or X gels, but since ABE and Alphamax are both forskolin products, and X gels promotes inflammation and FD2 is anti inflammatory I’m thinking I shouldn’t. Now I’m considering Vector by BLR or CEL M-Test. So far I’ve seen nothing on either of these products conflicting with either Alphamax or Follidrone, so I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Also I am open to all products, so far though, these are just the only 2 I’ve found that wouldn’t conflict with my current stack. Goal is recomp/lean bulk

I’m going to hit week 4 next week, so I’m hoping to order something soon. FD2 has definitely helped me lean out so far and I know it’s really too soon to be seeing any real results from Alphamax based on my experience.


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If you were thinking Anabeta Elite but don't want the redundancy of more Forskolin (I do like high doses sometimes) you could look at SNS Anacylcus XT.

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