Unanswered What is everyone's Thoughts On Turmeric ?


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ive been researching supplements and reading wiki articles and figuring **** myself since around 2015, i got up to knowing the interleukins and their effects in parts of the body by their names, taken curcumin before and in low doses it helped my hair and skin a bit, but it actually reduces your gains because it lowers inflamation from the muscle damage, which is something you want because everything inflammation is is a response that helps cells and nutrients get to a certain part of the body quicker, also its not good long term there have been cases of people with kidney stones and trash livers cause they took curcumin without stopping for too long. theres no supplement out there that works really, just be loaded on all of the nutrients from raw milk, raw butter, meat and pasture raised eggs, take some creatine, take b complex if you need to, you can take organ meats / bone broth / cod liver oil and **** like that once a week and take mk 677, thats everything you need to know in life.

also if ur thyroid isnt too fast already u can take ashwaghanda.

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