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I hope I’m on the right forum for this post. So I just landed 14 bottles of 200mg/1ml test cyp from someone who is doing trt and had extra vials. It’s been about 20 years since I messed with any gear and I’m sure a lot has changed. I just wanted to get some other opinions on the following.
- What dosage?
- Should I use all 14 vials?
- Should I take or add anything with the test?

I’m currently at 165lbs steady. Been working out for about 3 months at 4x a week. Trying to get to about 185lbs. Got hit with Covid in the beginning of 2020 and it took a toll on my weight (was sitting at 190-200lbs average) and digestive system. Been to many specialists and have done many procedures and no answers.


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Start with 1cc a week( 200 mg) I would split into 2 doses like Sunday 1/2 cc then Thursday the other half. Do that fir 6 weeks and if you want to increase yo 300 mg then go for it, if your still seeing gains stay there. Obviously diet is going to be key, if that's not on point this whole "gift" will be a waste. Get some Nolvadex and some arimidex for estrogen control just in case. You can get them from use code smont. He's a rep for them on here who's helped me out a ton.

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