Stacking Recreate with AP


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Hey guys. I'm new to these forums and new to stacking supplements in general, so I apologize if I sound ignorant by asking these questions or if the answers to these questions are found elsewhere on this site.

Anyways, I'm starting the "six pack stack" very soon (within 3 or 4 days) and would like to know how much of Recreate and AP I'm supposed to be taking. Am I supposed to take the normal doses of both, or am I supposed to split it up so that it's more like 1 Recreate and 1 AP a day or 2 AP a day and 1 Recreate a day, or any combination like that? All help is appreciated. Thank you.


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Maybe somebody from usp will have the exact answer, but all I know is when i ran the two, I just dosed them as the directions say. However, I found starting out a little light on the recreate allowed me to gauge my response better, and was actually able to still very much feel the effects at a lower daily dosage, I think I usually ran 2 a day, and could up the dose to 3/day when I felt I needed a little extra kick, although, its really not something that kicks in the terms of a stim, at least in my opinion.

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