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  • Hey man, I see you know about using AP and pslin.

    No matter what I do I cant get ap to work for me. Horrible digestive stuff (constipation).

    Pslin is great though. How can I dose it throughout the day in place od AP. Can I use it in conjunction (maybe during the same day, but not necessarily the same meal) as things like slintensity, slinsane v2, NA r ala, etc?
    I am getting ready to start dieting for a show in about 1 week (16 week diet), I have seen alot of threads on here talking about TT-33 and Lean Xtreme. I am interested in either 1 or both of these supplements to help with my cut. Could you provide detailed instructions on the best way to either take one or both of these supps? Also, would you reccomend stacking both or just use tt-33? At what point in my diet should I start? I am 23 yrs old, 230lbs, 19% BF according to the "hand-held thing" pretty much all my bad weight is around my midsection. Thanks for your help, and if I can provide any more info that will help just let me know.

    Thanks for your time.
    Would you please look after me? LOL!
    Your support is appreciated -->
    Got my PM?..thanks for that link but i guess it`s impossible for me to order there...?
    can i ask you to join me?
    well for whatever reason GPLC makes me tired, i tried the PP powder form of GPLC, so nothing noticable about better gains from the PH turinabol? so not worth it in that aspect?

    and any issue running my sleep aid witht eh trib and stuff before my cycle, i wotn habve "clean" time as my LH levels will be slightly higher due to my sleep aid
    I wanted to thank you for that info you sent me, but I couldn't because you need to clear your PMs. So I will thank you here instead, THANKS for the info, I appreciate it.
    thankx for that link Maxximal, can't wait to try that product, all of uspl's products are official. wonder what king of deal they're offering the inner circle for that delay last tuesday but whatever it is i know it's going to be worth it. the funny thing is that link you sent me after reading it i tried to make a purchase after seeing that buy now and it said not available( LOL ) that i assume was when they first release it, right? but thanks for that link anyway, MAXX
    if u can do 35 u can ship the cheapest way whatever that may be u dont have to ship priority or anything. or could u do it for 37 shipped priority? if thats cool with u lemme kno ur paypal and i will send the money today.
    your pms are full bro lemme kno what else u have
    hey how much do u want for the td oxo and the bulk powder ill take it off ur hands :cheers:
    Yeah,i'm Chinese people, live in Xi'an city,China.Do you know Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses? The scenic spots
    is in my city.

    Franky Cheau
    Hi Sir, i 'm Franky Cheau ,who is distributor of 7 keto DHEA, adn DHEA, pregnenolone in China. I read your blogs ,Maybe you might need these items,If you have interests for doing business ,contact to me ,[email protected]

    Thank you in advance,and look forward to getting your reply.

    Franky Cheau
    Glad it helped you; I'm going to try and make it as definitive as possible. I've got IntraAid to add to it right now.
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello MAxximal,

    Welcome to AM!

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