USA SOLD SOLD Supplement Lot Cheap - StanoPlex, SNS, CEL, Dermacrine, etc


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3 different lots up for grabs. Grab everything for a big discount.

StanoPlex / Epiandro Lot:
1 x StanoPlex Sealed 04/25
1 x Muscle Addiction Epiandro Sealed 09/24
1 x StanoPlex opened with 55 caps left 04/25
Price: $80

Health Lot (All sealed with EXP dates in 2025) :
1 x Evomuse Gut Health 01/25
1 x CEL TUDCA 04/25
1 x SNS Joint Support XT 05/25
1 x SNS Blood Pressure Support XT 01/25
Price: $80

PCT/Test Booster Lot (All sealed):
CEL Coma-Plex (purchased new from DPS last month)
Iconic Formulations Dermacrine (purchased new from DPS a few months ago)
Price: $65

Entire lot CHEAP: $150 (everything here would be around $320+)

Payment: PayPal + Fees, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Cash App

Shipping: Shipping is included in all the prices and I will provide tracking (Lower 48 USA only)

Not looking to split anything up outside of the lots I already have defined.

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