SNS GlycoPhase Mini Review



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Serious Nutrition Solutions GlycoPhase Mini Review


GlycoPhase contains a cutting edge nutrient partitioning matrix that is designed to help support the body to more effectively harness the power of insulin to maximize lean muscle growth, increase protein synthesis, and support healthy glucose metabolism in order to create a fat burning environment.

42 Years old
Lifted weights for 25 years
Tracked my food and training since 1999

Been taking GlycoPhase since December 2019
2 caps with meal 1 (pre workout), 1 cap with meal 2 (post workout) and 1 cap with meal 6 (pre bed)
On saturdays i refeed for meal 6 and then i increase to 2 caps.

Ive always tried to optimize nutrition uptake. Digestion and absorption of nutritents I belive is the key to pushing performance and results to the edge. On that note, GDAs has always peaked my interest. I tried quite a few before i got my hands on GlycoPhase and as soon as i started using it i felt and knew that this was it for me.

Increased performance, recovery and body composition was aparent just after a few weeks of use.

I use it for three main purposes:
Pre - to ensure top performance by filling my glycogen storages as much as possible.
Post - to make sure i recover as fast as possible so that i can face the rest of my day with energy.
Pre bed - to prevent fat gain BUT also to start the glucogen saturation for my workout the next morning.
Before weekly refeed - again to prevent potential fat gain, but also to shuttle as much nutrients into my muscle cells as possible. So that the next week of workouts can benefit from it.

SNS GlycoPhase has become a staple for me, ive been taking it for a long time now and I will continue to use it for as long as it is available to me.
Im of the opinion that a GDA is much more than just a Insulin mimic IF the formula is done correctly, and by my standards SNS has hit the nail on the head.​


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Excellent post. I like how you do both a very comprehensive log on things and also mini reviews for people that just want a quick cliff notes version of things.

I think GlycoPhase is a very underrated product.

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