Sarms Half life and saturation


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Im currently nearing the second week of my Lgd and Cardarine sarms stack, last night i got to thinking about how much actually builds up in your system.
No side effects so far, my strength has increased, my vascularity is getting insane and when i finish a session my t shirts are starting to look undersized.

Lets say the Lgd half life is 24 hours (Im currently on 14mg (7mg twice daily)
Just curious has to how much product will be in my system by the end of the 6th week, does it build up in your system like this? or does the drug dissipated by how much your body uses it.
The reasoning behind is that i aim to knock this dosage up to 20mg (10mg twice daily) and dont want to reach a point where it becomes toxic through too much saturation.


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I don't believe there's a risk of saturation. I'm not even sure what that's a real thing. People regularly run stacks of sarms upward of 20,30,40 mg a day or more. I've used lgd at 60mg before with zero side effects and I had bloodwork on 30mg stacked with rad 140 while on 300mg of testosterone and still zero issues. I'm pretty sure if yiu could saturate receptor with that stuff you'd have to take a bottle per day or more but I'm guessing on that last part.

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