Review of Nootropics Unlimited Tudca, RU-58841, and The Kratom Worx RedBali

John Smeton

John Smeton

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This log is to review Tudca , Kratom, and RU-58841

Tudca Powder, Ive used before, and had lab results on it, my liver enzymes were slightly high , at and alt were around 70, and took 750 mgs tudca and milk thistle for a month , got labs again, and ast and alt went into range. Furthermore, I have labs scheduled for January 12th so Ill ask my endocrinologist for liver enzymes test. Dosing is 500 mgs once a day, or 250 mgs is twice a day

RU-58841 Powder- I ve used ru-58841 a couple years , another brand, and had one brand that noticeable seemed to not work, so I stick with a brand I've had success with and shows Certificate of analysis.
This company has a coa so Ill be dosing normally once every day or once every other day

TheKratomWorx Redbali I ve experienced a red kratom strain before, as well as green and white. That said ill dose this and report back. RedBali is more for relaxing and before bed

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