Questions about bloodwork and plan for self administering TRT


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So, I'm going to be going in to the VA for my yearly dr apt, and am going to mention some of my previous bloodwork, IRT low-ish T and low E2 ( ).

I do not anticipate my doc being particularly proactive about this stuff, so will be planning on getting some pre-TRT bloodwork on my own. I typically use PrivateMDLabs, and get the basic panel (CBC, test, E2, etc). since I'm getting older (41), I'm think of getting a PSA test. also, debating on the value of getting DHEA-S and CRP levels checked.... anything else? I do get cholesterol, vitamin D and thyroid levels checked 1-2 times a year at my regular doc or work physical.

Also, my plan to self administer TRT will be 200 mg test cyp 1x week, and HCG 500 IU 4 days later. my hope there is to get 1) good testosterone levels and 2) good E2 levels, which have been historically low for me. (obviously I will adjust the cyp as needed, or add in an AI if my E2 spikes).


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