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I am all new to this "Supplement Log" business, so cut me some slack.
I've started B.A.M. on oct 20 (4 days ago)
My weight is 164 starting
Height 5'3"
Carbs 400
Protein 270
calories 3000-4000
years lifting: 3
sleep 9hours/night


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Day Four

Day Four: Oct. 24th '09
Arm Day!!!
3 sets machine preacher curls @85lbs
4 sets standing Bbell Curls @95-135lbs
3 sets "old School Concentration curls @30lbs
3 sets "across the chest" hammer curls @40lbs

3 sets pushdowns @100-200 pounds
3 sets skull crushers @85-120lbs
3 sets one arm over head extensions @30lbs
3 sets kick backs @30lbs

I have a mild case of tendonitis so it was not the best arm workout ever. my pumps though were really off the chain! veins I never knew I had, were just blowing up everywhere! I held that pump for about 4 more hours after being done working out.

Music: "forsaker" By Katatonia


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Day Six

Day six Oct. 26 '09
Flat Dumbbell Presses: 70x15 80x12 105x7 110x5
Incline Bench: 135x15 185x10 225x6
Dips: 3 sets of 20
Machine flyes: 100x25 145x15 165x12
Hammer Strength Presses: 3 plates each side for 2 sets of 10

Music: Dethklok "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence"

As of now, my Pumps and size gains are really out weighing my strength gains. I am up to 168lbs. but my strength is up only slightly. The most noticeable gains in size are in my Triceps (don't grow well for me normally) and my delts. I have had a few people come up and say that I have more vascularity and that "full" look.

Other Supps: 2 scoops Jack3d Preworkout
Dymatize Elite whey protein 3 times a day (2 scoops)
O.N. Pre Load Creatine (waximaize and creatine)
OVERALL: I feel pretty good about this stuff so far. I like how it makes my veins bulge out even when just lifting something as small as a book!


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Nice format and #s. Just describe any effects you are noticing that may be attributed to your stack: lethargy, irritability, acne, vascularity.

How old are you?


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Day 7

Day 7: Oct. 27 '09
Neutral grip cable rows: 105x25 165x12 185x10x2 225x5
Deadlifts: 135x20 225x5 315x10x2 415x2x2
Dumbbell rows: 80x10x2 100x8x2 110x8
Close Grip lat Pulldown: 120x15 155x12 185x10 195x8
Hammer strength Pulldowns: 2 plates each side for 10 reps @ 3 sets
Behind the neck lat Pulldown: 105x15x3

Music: "Oblivion" by Mastodon

My strength has gone up somewhat now and my weight is still at 168. I noticed the strength increases on the close grip pulldowns (got up to 195lbs opposed to the usual 175).
My Vascularity has exploded (especially in my for arms and outer bicep). veins are popping out all over. I guess this is what being a freak feels like!!! so far I have had no sides except I seem to be less enthusiastic than usual. there have been situations when normally when I would be laughing, but instead I don't because of some irritablity (didn't really feel like talking to people today). Looking forward to my B-day Coming up Nov 9th! the big 2-1! baby!


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Nov 2 2009

Flat b bell Bench: 135x20 185x3 225x2 275x2 285x1 225x12
New lying Chest flye machine: 105x15 145x10 155x10 165x8
Machine Press: 185x20 210x15 270x8
Dips: Bodyweight-15x3
Incline Dbell presses: 80'sx10 90'sx10 100'sx8 105'sx6
5 minutes of intense stretching (to get that blood in there)

Music: "This Is Exile" By Whitechapel
Initial thoughts of the day: Had a really crappy day (girl probs) but had ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE workouts I HAVE EVER HAD! I had the most insane pump ever. my upper chest looked like I could rest a Tea cup on it!. I was able to go heavy throughout the whole workout (instead of just the beginning) without fatigue. Also picked up some EST Methylmass for a new preworkout.
Overall i am very happy thus far even though my weight is now stuck at 168 (up 4 or 5lbs). no acne back pumps or any sides so far. I also have yet to see ant lethargy. I am really curious as to how the "propadrol" in the methylmass will do with B.A.M. "Propadrol" is supposed to be a strength increasing prohormone (from what I understand).

Other supps: O.N. Pre-load creatine2 scoopsx2/day, EST MethylMass 2scoopsxpreworkout, Dymatize Elite 2 scoopsx3/day

Tomorrow is back day (tues) looking forward to see how my strength has gone up since last weeks records!!!


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tuesday 11/3/09 Back Day

Deadlifts: 135x15 225x6x 315x1 405x1 425x1 440x1
Dbell Rows:60'sx15 80'sx12 100'sx10 125'sx8
Close grip seated cable row: 135x10 165x10 185x8 195x8 225x6
rear machine flyes: 70x15 80x15 135x10 155x8
lat pulldowns: 155x15x3

Music: "dead man's chest" by Parkwaydrive
My strength was up considerably since last week ( up about 20lbs. in the deadlift). My vascularity is getting even more absurd! my veins are starting to squiggle when i flex! I have the big ass vein on the bottom of the forearm that you notice on the guys in the gym who are "on something". :)
my delts have been growing very well lately, they are giving my profile a much needed "fill". my biceps haven't changed much (maybe a little more peak and seperation). My triceps ARE EXPLODING! tri's have always be a major lagging part, but now they are standouts.

Initial thoughts of the day: Things just keep getting better with B.A.M.
this same morning I set a Pr on the squat: 405lbs. for a balls deep rep! I was in our school's weight room with the football team watching the squat and I thought to myself "why not see if i can show some of these guys up!!" so this is my all time record at 168lbs.
I am almost half way through the bottle and I am thinking of adding methyl 1D to the stack for the remainder of the cycle. At my local vitamin shoppe they are having methyl 1D on sale for 29 dollars. is it worth it? they also have X-Factor for about the same price. should I go for one of these?

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