Ostarine and RAD140 Cycle Questions


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Hey everyone, new to the forum and to SARMs. I’ve got 6 weeks worth of Ostarine and Rad140 that I’ve been taking for a week now at 20mg a day each. I’ve got a preworkout with 2000mg of DAA, as well as some natural supplements that I’ve had positive results with boosting test levels in the past. I’m 6’4”, 190 at about 12% bodyfat, give or take a couple percent. I’m eating a couple hundred calories below maintenance, trying to cut down the body fat a few percent while ideally adding some muscle. What should I be expecting in terms of results after 6 weeks? Also, should I consider extending my cycle or adding anything else to the stack? And for a PCT, what road should I go for that?
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A lot of people here will say you need a test base. I guess time will tell whether or not you feel the effects of the inevitable suppression. And considering SARMS are relatively weak I’d consider extending it to an 8 week cycle if possible. You could even go as long as 12 weeks if you have a base to add. And run a SERM for pct.

If you don’t want to pin then dermacrine is a possible test base you can add.


6 weeks will be just enough time to start feeling good, but gains really come at 8 weeks +

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