first cycle - mk677, ostarine, rad140, SR9009 w blood work. - suggestions?


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This is my first post. Hopefully I am posting this in the right place.

start weight - 196
end weight - 214
cycle - 7 weeks

1-7 - EA (enhanced athlete) MK677 10mg/day (morning empty stomach)
1-7 - EA Rad140 - 20mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg midday or p/wo)
1-7 - EA Ostamuscle/Ostarine - 20mg/day (10mg morning, 10mg midday or p/wo)
1-7 - EA SR9009 - 20mg/day (5mg spaced out every 4-6hrs or when I remembered)

Week 1 - very nice sense of well being. libido up, animal in the br. my joints felt great, probably put on 7 or 8lbs. Guessing that was mostly water from the mk677. Strength was up.

Weeks 2-4 - felt very full, kind of bloated. Strength was up more. Libido about the same

Weeks 5 - 7 - sense of well being not so much there, very full and sluggish, Strength still up. Libido started to go down.

PCT - ran 3 weeks of Primeval Labs Sanctuary and arimistane 25mg/eod.

I did blood work a fews days after the 7th week (cycle ended).

What I learned -

1. hindsight.. yeah I should have done blood work prior to starting and after the PCT. I feel pretty stupid about not doing that.

2. this stuff sure crashed my T. From all the online hype, I wasn't expecting the suppression. I know about 2yrs ago my T was 700ish.

3. HDL and LDL - again unexpected. after researching (after the fact...stupid again) I see rad and ostarine hurt the lipids.

4. even when you think you're prepared you're probably not. I should have researched more prior to starting.

Questions -

1. are there any sarms which don't hurt your HDL LDL?

2. so after researching here, I see I should have bought a SERM like clomid or nova for PCT. Would someone PM me a reputable source?

3. So what should I do at this point? I feel ok. But maybe I am really not... So should I go get bloods done now, and see where I am at? Or, get some clomid or something else and run that for xyz time, then get bloods done?

4. anyone understand the high Ferritin reading?

5. any other opinions, knowledge, thoughts welcomed.





Someone can pm you a specific source but there are a bunch of research chemical places ... look for tamoxifen (Nolva) or clomiphene - probably spelt that wrong


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How long after the cycle was that bloodwork taken? And how long has it been since the cycle now? Those bloods aren’t that bad and what I would expect from a SARMs stack like that when taking into account your age. On this forum we’ve warned for years for users not underestimate the negative effects SARMs can have on one’s health. You should jump on a solid cycle support for couple months to recover your lipids even though they really aren’t that bad, considering. If this PCT was recent then I would get a SERM to run for a month to recover those Test levels. Also, I’m curious, where did you get the advice that that PCT plan was acceptable?


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"I did blood work a fews days after the 7th week (cycle ended)." ie. a few days into pct. bloods on 9-13-18 so basically 2 months since bloods.

SERM - nova or clomid? 4 weeks? I don't know where to get legit serm.

youtube of course! ...yeah I know. live and learn.

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