NBA over/under player bets


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Got any NBA betters here? I bet most days normally go by player averages over the last 5 games they played and the last 5 meetings vsing the team they playing (on sportsbet they have this thing called playerhub that shows this info)

I've been aiming for a 6-8 leg multi for each day of games with odds totalling 3-4, so not huge wins, but I rollover any wins.

I was on a 8 bet roll before yesterday, up to 9k from 5 bucks, I had 8 player bets in mind and at the last second swapped out two players for different players... The old bet won and my new bet let me down with the new player I put in... I wanted Jonathan Isaac under 17.5 points and he got 19 points... So he literally cost me 27k for just scoring ONE bucket too many.

That crushed me.

I will put my bet up tomorrow for tomorrow's games around an hour before the game starts (as sportsbet doesn't release alternate over/unders until very close to the games lol)

Also I am sticking to unders atm really, had the most success that way... But if there is an over with really good value I'll go for that.

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