My Slow successful journey to FAT LOSS/ yo-yo dieting fix 6-10 years after


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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

Little brief info about me before I cut straight to the point!

31 year old Male
Height 5'6
weight 190lbs
moderate to light activity.
My TDEE 2300

Ive been Yo-Yo dieting past 6-10 years and always had trouble maintaing 1 consistant weight I tend to bloat up very quickly even by looking at food lol
only way I lost weight was by cutting calories so low that I couldnt evn preform good at the gym always felt sluggish etc.

cut to the chase!

ive been doing it all wrong as youve guessed :)

Took me years to find out about Metabolic Adaption! and >Reverse Dieting <look it up

bascially ive damaged my Metabolism. Not end of world you can fix it with Reverse dieting

So when i started out to diet i cut my calories down very low talking about 1500 a day (I lost significant weight) then what happened was my body got used to it then my new Maintanance became 1500 now if i wanted to loose weight i would have to cut to around 1200 to loose weight but what happened was with 1200 calories my body couldnt function good at the gym i couldnt lift weights or even took me long to recover i was falling ill etc etc

Then what happened i stopped dieting and got busy with Life like everyone does then I wanted to enjoy food with my family, friends, and colleagues i started to eat out allot etc i was eating roughly 2400 calories a day, i drastically put on allot of weight even more weight than i was intially. this was becasuse my body was in starvation mode remember i said my new maintanance was 1500? but my original maintanance was 2300

so what happened was i was in eating above my maintanance of 1500. 100grams of peanut butter was 700 calories lol imagine eating KFC and couple donuts. ha

so what im telling you is you need to Reverse diet and add about 100 calories back into youre diet every week untill you get back to youre TDEE!!!
so now your body will adapt to the new higher maintanance now you can eat e.g 2300 without gaining weight and you'd only need to cut to 2000 to drop weight that means youll be eating more right! sounds wicked BUT you also need to start heavy weight lifting build muscle mass so youre >BMR< will increase. Look it up also youre NEAT<< will increase look that up too. why i know its working because im eating more performing better at the gym loosing weight and Fidgeting<< more thats what naturally happens im not joking. I realised ive been fidgeting more recently and moving more unconsiciouly e.g Tapping Feet because i dont usally do that even my partner says why you tapping youre feet you never did that! thats becasue im eating more, feeling better and have more energy that just increased my NEAT.

maybe i could have cut this story short, but im sure many people here are on the same boat And need to hear others experience.

listen you can do it dont be afraid to add more calories slowly its fine youll gain a little fat and youll loose it too but youre gearing up for long term success, trust me im going through it, i thought its because of genetics im obese or becasue im an Endomorph! you can do it

Reverse Dieting

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