M - Sten vs Epistane (Experiences?)



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Epistane is a drier look, dries you out in general, it would show veins better on it for sure for this reason (speaking from experience). You hold less water overall so you look leaner/drier. Not to say Msten is “wet”; it’s not. It’s that Epistane actively dries you out some.

My joints pop like Rice Krispies on it. Allegedly stacks well with Trestolone or higher Test, stuff like that to help offset the extra estrogen. It was commonly stacked with M14AD back in the day by folks using all otc stuff.

Kinda think about Epistane how someone would use Winstrol.
I remember earlier on when epistane came out guys were using it in place of winstrol and complaining that it made them so dry when their body fat was low that it was too painful to use pre-contest

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