Looking for a little advice on my current meal plan


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Hello all,

I have recently been taking the steps to get myself healthy again(quit smoking & drinking, nutrition, and exercise) and have been piece by piece. Im an ex college athlete, wrestling specifically and the improper weight cutting from middle school to college mixed with decreased exercise and proper eating habits since have taken their toll over the years slowly and steady. Since 2005 when i stopped playing sports i have went from 200 lbs to 295 at my heaviest and now am currently around 285 and stand 6' tall, with a lot of yo yo fluctuations in between.Im 28 years old and know life on your body gets harder after 30. I'm hoping to not make the same mistakes as the past and instead of looking at it as diet and exercise, treating the two as positive and necessary lifestyle changes. I would like to get down to 200 lbs give or take a few pounds. I'm hoping people can look at the meal plan i have been using for about 2 weeks and see if its got any weaknesses or foods im missing out on. Maybe even some alternatives to what I have, so I don't get bored eating the same thing everyday. I haven't started working out yet, i wanted to conquer the nutrition side for a month so i can develop a routine and consistency before i add in working out. Your time and words will be much appreciated and i have thick skin so don't feel the need to sugar coat anything.

Breakfast (Between 8am -9am
2 large eggs(fried with no extra fat, dry)
1 piece of whole grain bread
1 cup of grapefruit pealed and sliced

Snack 1 (Around 10am -11am)
6 oz serving of non fat Greek yogurt

Lunch(noon - 1pm)
Depends on if i have time to cook or not
option a
turkey sandwich on wheat (mustard, tomato, lettuce)
cup of grapefruit
option b
grilled or baked chicken
1 serving of veggies(steamed broccoli and carrots, or fresh cucumbers).
option c
Salmon patty, or turkey burger(minimal extra virgin olive oil to cook in pan)
no buns
1 serving of veggies
1 serving of quartered red potatoes(steamed in the microwave with minimal oil)

Snack 2(2pm to 3pm)
either a handful of almonds, an apple, or another Greek yogurt

Dinner(5pm -7pm)

Broiled fish(Salmon, Tilapia, or Cod)
Red and golden potatoes(quartered and steamed in the microwave)

So that is what I have been eating for the last 2 weeks, been quite easy, so I'm hoping i have a decent meal plan going. Everything I am eating is either fresh or frozen, no canned foods, no processed foods. Once a week I allow myself to eat something not in my diet for dinner. It will either be tacos with ground turkey, corn tortillas, lettuce, tomatoes, and a little cheese or spaghetti with wheat pasta and ground turkey. So even when I cheat i still make a conscious effort to eat right. For my daily liquid intake I cut soda completely out a few months ago and generally will have a glass of 100% OJ or fat free organic milk in the morning, 3 33.8 fl oz bottles of water throughout the day
(working on getting to 4), and a glass of sweetened iced tea with dinner. I have been flavoring some of my water with the mio enhancer to make it more enjoyable to drink. Well that's about it, any help or advice would be awesome. I haven't been on the diet long enough to see any changes obviously but I feel better, less bloated in the stomach, more energy, sleeping better, i am weighing a little lighter on the scale each day but i don't really focus on that. Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a good day!


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