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Lithos is Powered by pomegranate extract BUT not just any pomegranate extract.

We use a highly purified extract which has been standardized to contain 98% Urolithin B a natural muscle-tone-enhancer, mitochondria-booster and antioxidant.

In addition Lithos contains Grape Seed Extract.

Once again we didn't settle for just any Grape Seed Extract, ours is standardized to contain 90% Polyphenols to support healthy blood flow by enhancing your body's natural production of "Nitric Oxide."

Nitric Oxide is the body's signal molecule to tell your blood vessels to relax and allow good blood flow. Unfortunately, like many of our bodies natural systems, Nitric Oxide molecules can be destroyed by free radicals and/or reduced to unnaturally low levels by many environmental factors such as poor diet, stressful conditions and lack of exercise.

To top it all off we added a unique "lipophilic" form of vitamin C.

"Normal vitamin C" (Ascorbic Acid) is unstable and breaks down quickly especially when it's dissolved in water. Since we humans are mostly made of water, "normal vitamin C" is usually broken down by our body's before it can get in to the tissue of our skin, muscles and other organs and if it can't even get into those tissues before breaking down, it's not going to be able to offer the benefits we sometimes hear about from scientific studies where vitamin C is injected into a tissue sample or given in a very high dosage to a lab animal.

Our vitamin C-ester (ascorbyl-palmitate for you science buffs) is better absorbed into the skin and other tissues where it can go to work for you offering collagen boosting, immune system protection and antioxidant benefits. In fact, vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant in human skin but the human body can't produce it on its own!

Natural must mean weak, right?

Now, I'm not saying this is by any means the most potent anabolic ever to bless the iron worshipers buuuuuuut it did perform better than testosterone, on paper...

Urolithin B, a newly identified regulator of skeletal muscle mass.

And it has some other interesting potential benefits:

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms of urolithin B in activated microglia


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Absolutely loving my run on this

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