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You want Exemestane/Aromasin on hand to control estrogen. Nolvadex/Tamoxifen is for your PCT after.

I would consider 400mg total/wk if this is your first hormone cycle. Or even starting at 300mg per week, bumping to 400mg week 5, then again to 500mg at week 9. You don’t need that much test to preserve muscle on a cut, but generally speaking it’s better to increase dose over cycle as the body accommodates vs using one static amount throughout.

Yohimbine before fasted daily cardio is a solid tool for accelerating fat loss if you tolerate it. Y/Rauwolscine is very cheap, effective, and can be bought solo or found in many preWO or fat burner supplements like C4 Ultimate or SNS Thermagize XT.

A lot of guys here like True Shred, but I have never used it or Assassinate.

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