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The insulin that I have on hand is Humalog (fast-acting, in & out of system in aprox 3 hrs), I know how to run the slin, I've ran slin in the past (8iu pre, 8iu post), I'm fully aware of the consequences and already know the preventive measures.
However, I have some trouble organizing the peptide dosages, IGF-LR3 is not too effective in maximizing muscle formation, it disrupts exogenous or natty MGF production post resistance training, and also disrupts GH pulses, but, I already have the un-reconned vial in my fridge from a couple months ago lol.

I've been pinning GHRP-2/CJC-1295 no dac for about 6 months now, planning on running it for life. Protocol:

GHRP/GHRH Combo 4-5x a day (200mcg Huperzine A before PM shot)

Clen in the AM

MMA training (1-2hr intense cardio session)

IGF-DES 50mcg IM bilaterally pre-workout
*with 5g creatine mono*

MGF 50mcg Micro-Dosed (dose separated into 5 injections bilaterally)

Humalog 10IU Post-Workout (slin+mgf in same pin)
*Slin shake: 20g BCAAS, 90g maltodextrin or dextrose, 10g glutamine, and 5g creatine magnapower*

IGF-LR3 50mcg IM bilaterally 1:30 hrs after MGF shot

I am aware that its definitely not wise to run 2 insulin-like chemicals along with insulin, the risk of become type 1 diabetic and having increased insulin resistance becomes more probable, so:
Supplements for insulin re-sensitivity:
- Chromium 300mcg ED
- Vanadium 70mcg ED
- ALA 600mg ED
- 500mcg Green Tea Extract ED

Please tell me any changes to consider in this cycle, I'll be running it for 8 weeks (2 months, complete summer vacation), I estimate 20-25 lbs or more of LBM easily.


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As a type 1 diabetic I just wanted to make sure you're saving your insulin-sensitizing supplements until pct. As I'm sure you know the cumulative effect would be less than pleasant.

I'm also fascinated to see how you like the combo of peptide & humalog. I've contemplated it but I didn't see the point in the expense as my studying has led me to believe a pep on top of insulin would be unnecessary.

Good luck! Post updates!


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I replaced all of the supplements for Metformin, due to budget issues, currently taking 500mg with every meal (x3), during my cycle. Will extend the met for a couple of weeks after I stop the humalog, which is gonna be like in 60 days LOL.

I havent started the clen nor the T3, since my ketoifen hasn't arrived yet, currently only taking the usual GHRH/GHRP combo, along with the humalog, and the IGF-LR3 will be used when the clen/T3 is started.

Would you guys recommend T4 over T3? I've been researching and apparently the T4 takes a couple of days to build up in your system before you start seeing any effects, about a week or longer, due to its conversion to active T3. Which would you personally recommend?


Im late but t3 is way more effective. If you have T4 Id run that when you stop the t3 to help keep off the rebound effect although Ive stopped t3 cold turkey and never gained a bunch of fat

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