inguinal hernia, advice on exercises to avoid? Nursing home accident.



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Hello folks, looking for some advice. I have a inguinal hernia and I’m not sure what exercises I should be avoiding right now so I don’t make it worse. I’m pretty sure I have gotten the hernia from an incident at work involving me trying to catch a man 3 times my weight from falling on his face, I work in a nursing home

Im assuming anything regarding Heavy pulling without support, or Squats and core work Is a no no?
I’m working out at home at the moment like most of us are due to the corona.
what I have to work with right now is limited, mainly by weight plates as I have give some to a friend so he can workout too at home for now. So been lifting light and higher volume right now.

Equipment I have right now =
squat rack, bb, up to 50kg in plates (70kg including bar)
bench, leg extension, hamstring curl
dumbells from 1kg-30kg
lots of resistance bands, hip bands.


Be careful my friend. I had one years ago and had it fixed ASAP. You do not want it to push through and strangulate. That creates a whole new level of problems. Maybe some light resistance band training... Anything that causes you to load up your lower abs could be problematic, depending how bad it is right now. Good luck.
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