Igf-r3/peg-mgf + bpc 157 for recovery


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Hello guys.

My problems are:

-severe muscle weakness and fatigue
-muscle spasms and pain.
-small fiber neuropathy

I am in very bad shape, tried a lot of different things with doctors but couldnt find relief. I plan to use peptides igf-r3/peg mgf with bpc 157. Do you think it will help me ? What do you think of that protocol?


Monday 250mcg peg-mgf , 500mcq bpc 157
Tuesday 50 mcg igf-r3, 500 mcq bpc 157
Wendsday 50 mcq igf-r3 , 500 mcq bpc 157
Thursday 250 mcq igf-r3 , 500 mcq bpc 157
Friday 50 mcq igf-r3 , 500 mcq bpc 157
Saturday 50 mcq igf-r3, 500 mcq bpc
Sunday only 500 mcq bpc 157

All of this for 8 weeks.

So basically 2x a week pegmgf with 4 x week igf and bpc every day

Its good protocol? I heard something that peg mgf and igf-r3 combination is very potent but heard also that they compete with other and can cancel each other..

Take then in the morning or evening ?

Also do you know how long peg mgf and igf-r3 can last after being reconstituted? They good for like 5 weeks ?


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