First off I was wondering if anyone has had GOOD results from this peptide? I have read icy/hot reviews. Some people taking many other things noticed a leap forward in strength and gains, while the others said it doesn't work on humans or it's bunk. We all know that 85% of RC companies sell pure fake sh1t and another 10% sell watered down low grade versions of peptides and chems. And I actually think even less than 5% sell 80+ pure real chems and peptides. If you're lucky you find a company that sells in the 95+ pure but they are hard to find cuz they all say 100% pure, they don't advertise 20% pur dog sh1t.

Since we all know that RC companies are hit or miss, has anyone ran good FOLLISTATIN 344? If so was it worth the $ and what kind of results did you get? ect. What did you run it with? I have read studies that make mice insanely muscly but they have high myostatin. Further they have tested F344 on chimps and on a few diff types of monkeys. The chimps became nearly 2x in muscle mass. I focus on that since we are 99.6% identical to chimps. The primates also had a huge increase in varying health areas
I read on some site that I should have evernoted, that a 24 yo guy at 5'10 215lbs was running a moderately high cycle and was on Test/ NPP/ Mast/ IGF1 lr3/ Peg-MGF and was getting amazing results but they started to slow around week 10 out of 18. He started including FOLLISTATIN 344 and he said he must have gained 5lbs the first week he was on it and it seemed like he would never stop growing. This wasn't on a forum [ fukking wish I evernoted this] it was on a FOLLISTATIN 344 research overview of all the tests on mice, monkeys, and according to the article the humans are next to be tested on. It mentioned this young BB because his results were from 23-24 he gained 25 off regular cycles. This more advanced cycle he gained 35lbs and over half of it was in the 8 weeks he was on FOLLISTATIN 344. I'm going to continue to research but would like to hear what everyone thinks.
This is a pic of a bull born without Myostatin.
Big Bull.jpg

I haven't finished my research but there are multiple, multiple ways FOLLISTATIN 344 interacts with muscle growth. The primary action is by inhibiting myostatin. Myostatin is the hormone in your body that essentially says [ you lift this amount of weight we will let your muscles grow this much but to keep you from becoming too big and slow we will limit this amount of muscle growth] So Myostatin is the enemy of BB because if there was not such tight ratio of speed/strength your body would have no problem building massive amounts of muscle just off of a simple cycle. We keep throwing steroids, human analogue peptides, and chems to force the muscle to grow while we are not addressing the hormone that is counteracting all of those growth enhancements. There was also a very long list of both muscle growth through secondary means as well as improvement in health.

In most cases, pharmacologic strategies to treat genetic muscle disorders and certain acquired disorders, such as sporadic inclusion body myositis, have produced modest clinical benefits. In these conditions, inhibition of the myostatin pathway represents an alternative strategy to improve functional outcomes. Preclinical data that support this approach clearly demonstrate the potential for blocking the myostatin pathway. Follistatin has emerged as a powerful antagonist of myostatin that can increase muscle mass and strength. Follistatin was first isolated from the ovary and is known to suppress follicle-stimulating hormone. This raises concerns for potential adverse effects on the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis and possible reproductive capabilities. In this review we demonstrate a strategy to bypass off-target effects using an alternatively spliced cDNA of follistatin (FS344) delivered by adeno-associated virus (AAV) to muscle. The transgene product is a peptide of 315 amino acids that is secreted from the muscle and circulates in the serum, thus avoiding cell-surface binding sites. Using this approach our translational studies show increased muscle size and strength in species ranging from mice to monkeys. Adverse effects are avoided, and no organ system pathology or change in reproductive capabilities has been seen. These findings provide the impetus to move toward gene therapy clinical trials with delivery of AAV-FS344 to increase size and function of muscle in patients with neuromuscular disease. "F344 is an inhibitory protein which is found in every tissue type in all higher animals. Although this discussion will focus on its ability to inhibit myostatin and thus inhibit the inhibition of muscle growth, I have to point out that follistatin does many other things all over your body and to use it just to grow muscle can have grave unforeseen consequences. One of these other roles is the inhibition of FSH from the pituitary, thus it would participate in rendering a person sterile.Mechanism Of Action
Follistatin seems to operate by binding to myostatin and inhibiting myostatin binding to the activin IIB receptor. However, In a study done by creating mice without genes for this receptor the results are shocking! The results show that knockout mice for the activin receptor IIB were much more muscular than normal control mice but the follistatin group were significantly more muscular than either the control or activin knockout group. This shows that follistatin does more than just inhibit the activin receptor IIB. In one example the muscle mass was increased 194%-327%! with 66% increase in muscle cell count and 28% increase in muscle cell size! This shows that although follistatin is a myostatin inhibitor it may be the best non-steroidal mass builder for other reasons.
One hypothesis for why the follistatin group grew more muscle than the ARIIB knockout group was that myostatin is a member of the TGF Beta family. in this family there are cross receptor activation. Perhaps the follistatin inhibited the binding of other TGF family members to their respective receptors. This would indicate that myostatin has cousins which do similar things that we have not discovered yet.
The Future
At Ohio State University researchers used a common cold virus to vector the gene amplification of FS-344, the follistatin specific for muscle tissue. The mice that received this shot grew significantly more muscle than other test groups and the control. Additionally the strength of these animals continued to increase till the point of death where all other studied mice of any group grew weaker as they aged.

To increase the follistatin levels in your body may do more harm than good but to increase expression of the FS-344 protein may give you inhuman levels of muscle and strength for the rest of your life. Perhaps A simpler method of just injecting a small amount into a specific muscle may be the most prudent first step into testing this drug on bodybuilders. Most of the buzz on the forums declares this a waste of money. I suspect that the black market does not have real FS-344 but something else and that is why people aren’t seeing results.
Regulation of myostatin activity and muscle growth | PNAS
Long-term enhancement of skeletal muscle mass and strength by single gene administration of myostatin inhibitors | PNAS
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