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hello! i am new to the community and am starting my first cycle next week! i wanted to run a couple stats and hear some feedback about my game plan:) to start off, i am a college student, and i lift about 5-6 times a week. i weigh 185, roughly, and can comfortably sit at 165. my goal is to feel better about myself, in and out of the weight room. i have gained some weight since starting college (freshman 15 is real, unfortunately), and i feel like even with me counting macros and being harder in the gym i cant keep off the weight like i could in high school. i also wrestle club (noncompetitive). here is what i am thinking:

ipamorelin + cjc no dac : 4 weeks for now, possibly 5. i chose no dac so i could have rest days every 8-10 days. i would continue to lift, adding at least 45min-1hr of cardio a day.

(2 doses, one in the morning one before dinner)

each day shows the total, so i would be splitting that into 2 dosages.

start mon-->150 ipa + 50 cjc150 ipa + 50 cjc150 ipa + 50 cjc150 ipa + 50 cjc200 ipa + 100 cjc200 ipa + 100 cjc
200 ipa + 100 cjc200 ipa + 100 cjcrest day175 ipa + 75 dac200 ipa + 100 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjc
250 ipa + 150 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjcrest day 250 ipa + 150 cjc300 ipa + 175 cjc
300 ipa + 175 cjc300 ipa + 175 cjc300 ipa + 175 cjc300 ipa + 175 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjc250 ipa + 150 cjcrest day
and build back down for a week.

i have a few questions:

1. if i wanted to mix together the ipamorelin + cjc no dac into the same vial, the ipa being 5mg and the cjc no dac being 2mg, how would you recommend i do that, so i dont have 4 injections a day, and only 2? i dont think it would be logical to draw up from the same syringe and risk cross contamination/wrong measurements. at the same time, is that even possible so i can keep the 2:1 ratio? it would be more of a 2:~0.6 ratio.

2. i have seen women run this cycle for as long as 8 weeks, and for now i am only doing 4, possibly 5. would it be logical to run it to 6 or keep it shorter? since it is my first cycle i want to air on the cautious side.

3. i know nutrition plays a big role, and i plan on staying close to my diet, lean proteins, rice, and veggies, but should i keep my deficit? would it help me get to my goal safer, and more effective?

4. lastly, i plan on injecting on an empty stomach and eating 30 minutes later. it would most likely be a grab and go situation. with my classes being in the morning, i wont be able to get into the gym until 12:30-1ish almost every day. should i hold off from my plan of doing it around 8:45, and move it to later?

i appreciate any type of feedback, i will take it all! i hope you have a great day:)


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