Finasteride and clomid togethor?



Hey guys,

I've been researching finasteride for my hairline for quite some time and I think I'm going to pull the trigger and get started on 1mg daily. I'm fully aware of the possible side effects and the only way to know is to try it yourself, everyones body is different.

My question is:
With finasteride blocking the conversion of test to dht making more readily available natural test in the body, resulting in a slight increase in testosterone, this will lead to more raised Estrogen along with it.
What if.....
I take clomid periodically (maybe cycles of 4 weeks at 25mg/50mg doses, every 4 months or so) ALONG with finasteride, never stopping it, to help regulate the raise in estrogen. I know this sounds pricey, time consuming, and may provide little benefit, but I wanted to see what everyone thinks about this.

I've ran a my sha sarm cycles over the course of 8 years, lgd, mk 2866, both along with mk677.
Its started to take a toll on my hair haha. Want to take a break for awhile or possibly never go back to sarms again and go straight into trt once my natural levels start to dip, pretty healthy production right now.

Thanks fellas

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