Epitome (Hunger?)


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Been taking Epitome for around 8 days now. I personally think it increases my appetite rather than decrease it? I have a dreadful appetite and have to keep it under control. I eat 3500 calories but NEVER feel satisfied. I always thought this was a Leptin issue as i never have hunger first thing in the mornings (When they say Leptin is at its peak and blood sugar is at its lowest) but as the day progress's it just gets unmanageable. Hate it. I thought maybe Epitome would help stabilise all this and cause my meals to feel more satiating.

Im currently on a lean bulk. I know alot of people would rather use this on a cut but for me its just to satisfy my appetite.

Any advice. Does it get better with continue'd use or is this it? I am quite lean. i reckon 12% ish?

I have tried most of the markets appetite suppressor's but to me they don't work.. The old Ds Craze seemed very good but we know how amphetamines work.....

Any advice folks? Thanks


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Yeah, if you under your natural setpoint, initially you might experience an increase in hunger. It will abate.

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