Enhanced Labs: 3-AD


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The newest muscle building supplement from the hardcore brand Enhanced Labs, has arrived, with 3-AD, formulated for men, and has a separate version for women. The product is powered by a patented compound the brand claims to be the world’s strongest and DSHEA compliant metabolite, promising to help with muscle strength and size as well as support weight loss.

Enhanced Labs 3-AD features the one main ingredient with 3-AD (dehydroandrosterol), dosed at 20mg per serving in the regular version. As for the brand’s reduced strength 3-AD for women, it features the same ingredient but at 5mg per serving. Either way, the regular and lighter 3-AD, both have 30 servings per bottle, although they aren’t the same price.

Reference: https://www.stack3d.com/2020/09/enhanced-labs-3ad-now-available.html

Im not affiliated with this company in any way, shape or form. However, I’m interested to know what the AM community think of this product/ formula. Has anyone tried this? If so, any solid results?



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3 ad at that price is a total joke.

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