EAA's Pre/During Workout



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years ago I remember using Modern BCAA+ which I believe the "+" meant it included all 9 EAA.
I've always cycled some BCAA's into my nutrition when cutting weight but recently got back to the full 9 EAA.

(I'm using Redcon because I happen to like their brand and pick up a lot of sales, although I think 99% of over the shelf supps are the same regardless of brand).

Long story short, I've noticed since adding EAA's my workouts are insanely more intense. My capacity is blowing my mind. Back in my xfit days I'd add dextrose to my pre-workout and I'm getting the same effect.

The downside is my body is completely wrecked due to output doubling in my workouts lately, lol.

revisited EAA's and am shocked to see results from something I half the time think is a placebo, lol.

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