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Introduction and Study Design

This is the second of three planned posts reporting on the effects of legal transdermal pro-androgens.

The subject (rat) is a 48yo male, 6’4”, 198 bs. 18.7% BF, 38.1 lean mass.

This study seeks to test the hypothesis that topical administration of androsterone and epiandrosterone (UH) exerts a dose-dependent increase in plasma DHT levels.

The primary endpoint is a significant increase is plasma DHT levels and changes in reproductive hormone panel. Secondary endpoints include incidence/frequency of erections, overall libido, thermogenesis, anger, and general alpha-male disposition. All secondary endpoints use an self-assessment tool with an arbitrary scale of 1-5, with 5 being extremely high and 1 being extremely low.

Prior to the start of the study, the subject underwent a 2-week washout protocol with no supplements of any kind being used. Baseline plasma levels of T, free T, E, SHBG, FSH and LH were measured in a clinical lab. Diet and alcohol consumption remained constant.

On study day 1 and each and every day for 28d, subject applied 10x pumps/day (p/d) of UH to the chest, shoulders, axillae, and inner biceps. Five pumps were applied and allowed to dry for at least 10min. Immediately following, and additional five pumps were applied and allowed to dry for 10min before dressing. The pumps were spread evenly and as consistently as possible. In addition to UH, creatine mono hydrate (2mg/d), and L-carnitine , L-Tartrate (LCLT, 600mg/d) were administered PO in the AM. On study day 17, the application protocol was modified. The dose of UH was split into a morning and an evening application of 5 pumps each. In addition, moisturizing cream was applied 6h after the last dose of UH. On study day 24, application of UH was stopped entirely. Four weeks later, application at 10 p/d was resumed for 14d. For the purposes of this posting, study days 1-24 are discussed as phase 1, and study days 55-69 are discussed as phase 2.

No blood was collected for phase 1. In phase 2, blood was collected and plasma levels of DHT, T, free T, E, SHBG, FSH and LH were measured on study day 69 (14d of application). Blood was collected 6h post application of 10 pumps of UH.


Phase 1: Primary Endpoint

No primary endpoint data was collected for phase 1. This phase was terminated early due to extreme skin irritation. Moderate dryness and irritation were observed after 14d of 10 p/d UH applied to the application sites (upper chest etc). The dose was split into 5 pumps UH twice daily (b.i.d.) with at least 6h between applications. Application of moisturizing cream at night before bed and at least 6h post the last application of UH was used to reduce skin irritation. Despite the addition of OTC skin moisturizer, severe dermatitis developed at study day 24 and the application of UH was halted. The irritation required daily application of cortisone anti-inflammatory cream for 14d to resolve. This treatment would have confounded plasma levels of DHT and related hormones and thus these analyses were not performed.

Phase 1 Secondary Endpoints:

Of the self-assessment scales, only libido and generalized feeling of alpha-maleness scored higher on study day 24 at 10 p/d compared to 5 p/d dose. Frequency and hardness of erections was significantly lower on 10 p/d than previously reported when using half the daily dose (11events of 24 days vs. 9 events of 14 days). There were no clear trends towards elevated or abnormal levels of aggression, or thermogenesis.

Although not quantitatively tracked for this study, two additional observations were made during phase 1. First, it was generally felt that pump, vascularity and an overall “dry” look was readily noticeable. This was accompanied by a general feeling of being able to lift more weight or do more reps with UH than without. Second, it appears that application of UH for 24d increased the overall length, but not follicular density, of body hair on the chest, axillae, and groin. It was also noted that subject’s facial hair was more wiry and fuller. Increased length was observed in the groin and under the arms, and on the chest and abdomen to a lesser extent. There was no apparent increase in hair on the arms and legs.

Phase 2:

Primary Endpoint:

Plasma DHT increased approximately 3-fold from baseline (39.0 to 92.0 ng/dL).

Secondary Endpoints:

Total T decreased modestly 373 to 271 ng/dL

Free T decreased modestly 59.8 to 54.0 ng/dL

SHBG decreased further from 42 to 35 nmol/L between day 0 and 69, and even more so when compared to previous study using 5 p/d (46 vs 35 nmol/L)

E2 slightly decreased at 19 ng/dL (compared with baseline measurements of 22 ng/dL)

LH increased from 3.1 to 6.0 mIU/mL

FSH increased from 6.4 to 8.0 mIU/mL

Of the self-assessment scales, libido and generalized feeling of alpha-maleness remained higher at 10 p/d than 5 p/d. The trend for a low frequency of erections, and lack of anger, aggression or thermogenesis continued until the end of the study.

Contiued on next post.


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I'm gonna run Ultrahard again for a longer period and see what happens.

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