Coop's Corner #5: Verbascoside/Lemon Verbena Extract


Coop’s Corner #5: Verbascoside

Let’s keep this as layman’s as possible so everyone can understand how awesome this compound is.

Verbascoside is the chief component of lemon verbena extract found in Amino IV.

Antioxidants have been shown to be excellent for muscle recovery following exercise. Unfortunately, it’s a double-edged sword: many antioxidants reduce the adaptations to weight training, resulting in poorer performance in the long-run. Examples: resveratrol, vitamin C, NAC, the list goes on. They inhibit a process called “hormesis,” which is quite complex and poorly understood. Google it for further information.

Enter Lemon Verbena, a true all-in-one antioxidant that enhances, not diminishes, the adaptations to physical exercise.

Weight training takes a toll on more than just your muscles. If you look at serum following a weight training bout, you can expect things like high creatinine levels (reflected in bloodwork all too often), elevated inflammatory markers, and transient immunosuppression. Translation: Your blood cells get hit along with your muscles. Thankfully, in healthy humans, lemon verbena is proven to reduce both muscle damage and white-blood-cell damage without blocking the adaptations to exercise [1].

Lemon verbena does this by a complex mechanism (activation of GSH-reductase for those of you who are scientifically-inclined), but what’s important to note is that this antioxidant, cell-protective effect is so profound that it has been noted in repeated trials [2][3][4][5][6], many of which are conducted in actual human athletes. And not only will verbascoside protect your muscles and your immune system, but it preserves your joints as well [7], as demonstrated by a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial: the gold standard in the scientific community.

Lemon verbena may even protect against overtraining, allowing you to push yourself to new limits in the gym
. For instance, anemia is a major side effect of overtraining syndrome, but lemon verbena supplementation has been found to protect red blood cells and even reverse exercise-induced anemia [5][8][9].

But it doesn’t stop there: lemon verbena and its active constituent verbascoside may enhance exercise performance. This is accomplished via four mechanisms:

1. Acetylcholinesterase inhibition [10] – Same mechanism as Alpha-GPC and other cholinergics, which enhance power output in healthy athletes.
2. Blocking the muscular pain signal that makes you quit your set early [11][12] – Same mechanism as rhodiola rosea, again proven in healthy athletes.
3. Directly blocking muscular fatigue by eliminating free radicals [13] – Same mechanism as NAC, again proven in healthy athletes. Unlike NAC, it does not block adaptations to exercise as discussed previously.
4. Improving the efficiency with which your heart pumps [14][15] – This is accomplished via an increase in something known as “prostacyclin,” which as an added bonus, is an effective vasodilator to give you top-notch pumps and nutrient delivery to your exercising muscles. This mechanism is similar to inotropes (ephedrine) in the heart and arachidonic acid (X-gels/X-factor) in the vasculature. This is the primary reason I expected X-gels-esque pumps with Amino IV, and many people are already reporting the unusual pumps for an intraworkout product. The elevation in prostacyclin was huge as per studies: nearly 150%.

Not only are your muscles and heart more resistant to fatigue, but your mind is too. This will allow you to train harder and longer without the concern of overtraining, because verbascoside has you covered on the recovery end as well.

Hopefully that was layman’s enough for everyone here to understand. Even though I tried to simplify the previous Coop’s corners, there were still a lot of lingering questions. Let me know how I did this time!


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AnabolicMinds Site Rep
Definitely understandable Coop, and appreciated once again. I have been loving AminoIV, recovery and intra-workout endurance have improved. Now I can better explain/understand why.

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