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  • Please Help me out with an MCAT stack. Its my third time taking it and I am desperate to increase my score just by a couple points. Please view my
    I've been told you're the man to ask, and I remade my account so don't have enough posts to PM you, would an AI such as androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, (erase/arimistane) effect birth control/effectiveness of an estrogen combination birth control pill?

    Thank you :)
    Clear your inbox. Have a good question for you!
    Hey man your inbox is full.. Been trying to message you for the past week.....
    I was wondering if you could take a look at the thread about oral AAS and grapefruit juice?

    Lead -> Supplement science thread, by the way. Thanks
    Could you help me out by answering my pm about carnitines/RK?
    We have done the muskuloskeletal portion of phys, histo, cardio for both as well (was trough but I managed to actually do pretty well), and the last block we just finished was the GI section. Started up the respiratory section of
    phys last week, ans we are just now starting immunology as a course so we are now doing phys/histo/immuno simultasneously.

    Definitely dont regret the choice at all. I most certainly have times where I know I will have to grind through some stuff that wont be interesting to me, but for the most part I love it and the routine (I honestly dont know why people complain...these first two years are gonna be awesome schedule wise.....its all out the window 3rd year though!)
    Clear messages!. I'm trying send you a PM about my stack I'm planning!

    You know a ton about supplements and more importantly how a lot of them are processed and used by the body. Are you working on a degree in chemistry or medical field? With that being said, I would love to pick your brain for a minute. If you had to choose 3 products/components (excluding protein and creatine) what would you recommended for the following:

    1) General Health and Wellness (something you take daily that maybe not a ton of people do)

    2) Increase muscle mass and strength

    3) Fat loss


    wats this wall about? why am i on it,lol
    Just posted the Focus XT Review in my log and in the supp section, thanks again man!
    Your wall will end up hating me :D! Clear PMs plz!
    i would come out and play in the supplements section, brother.......... :evil:

    but, i am confined to posting only in my own thread on this site. :p
    Can't wait any longer.

    What is the square root of 127? Thanks in advance.
    Inbox is full, bro! FIX IT, NAOW!!!!!
    Wow... You dudes should pay cooper for all the free help you getting... I hope your PMs aren't wasting his time.
    Inbox filled Pimp! Have a question on agmatine!
    Your inbox is filled again Pimp!
    Apologies for bothering you with this but yesterday you responded to a post in my thread​ "Homemade GDA advice requested". Unfortunately, it looks like something is wrong with the forums as my new post and your response is not there (it shows the last post as sometime in February).

    I've asked the forum admin if they can check into it, but in the meantime I was hoping you could send me what your response was to the new formulation I put together. It was some of your original advice that I used to modify what I originally had (specifically the Na R-ALA and ALCAR).

    Thank you.
    Keep up the great work on these boards buddy. You're a wealth of knowledge and verry helpful ;)
    Hey coop, I tried to PM you the episode we talked about but your inbox is full.
    please read http: //

    also: Ur PM's are full
    hi, i have been looking forward to try agmatine but do not have access to it since i live in Pakistan. is it possible for you to ship me a sample of agmatine? my brother lives in Florida and plans on visiting us next month. If the samples work i will ask my brother to bring 6-8 months worth of supply.


    I was wondering if you could help me out. I ran a 4 week cycle of DAA with Inhibit-E earlier in this summer, without loading, and I'm looking to do another run before the summer ends. I've been told that loading is the best way to go and get the best results. But how do I load the DAA? If I'm taking the SNS caps, would it be 4 pills, twice a day for about a week? Then, at the end of the first week of DAA, run the I-E at two caps a day for a week, then one cap after that?

    Thanks again!!
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello mr.cooper69,

    Welcome to AM!

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