Coop's Corner #3: So you want vascularity?


Today's topic is adopted from a post I made on last year, with additions:

Vascularity is a superficial phenomenon created by veins, not arteries. Therefore, the skeletal muscle "pump" (I'm not talking about a pump you get while lifting; I'm talking about the phsyiological mechanism of bloodflow through skeletal muscle during isotonic exercise -> muscle contraction facilitates increased venous bloodblow) is important, which means that the amount of contractions per unit time + bloodflow demand of the tissue will dictate the skeletal muscle aspect of vascularity.

What people don't realize is that bloodflow to the skin (mediated almost entirely by the SNS) makes a huge difference in superficial vascularity. Bloodflow to the skin is increased via sympathetic disinhibition when central bodyheat rises + sweat glands are stimulated. So the overall training intensity and ambient temperature will also dictate a significant portion of vascularity.

Bodyfat %, while commonly cited, is a little fickle because it follows an inverse U-shaped curve. Obese individuals and extremely lean individuals have excellent superficial venous visibility...and you really need to start approaching either extreme to notice a benefit in this regard.


-Amount of isotonic contractions
-Training intensity/tissue demand
-Core temperature (therefore, thermogenic ingredients can improve vascularity) and ambient temperature
-Bodyfat % (minimal impact unless at extremes)

To add to the supplement list, GMS would actually be exceptional at improving vascularity because it directly increases the volume of the ECC (including the plasma), and thus increases blood volume (which is mostly pooled in veins). In addition to this, one might actually observe that stimulants and products that increase cardiac output can increase vascularity (cardiac output=venous return).

Good supplements for increasing vascularity:

-iForce Hemavol
-Analyzed Supplements Micronized GMS
-Athletix High Volume
-Controlled Labs Glycergrow
-PES Enhanced
-USPLabs Jack3d Advanced
-Nitrate products like iForce KNO3 or Max Pump
-Agmatine products like Analyzed Supplements, SNS, or iForce Agmatine
-Sodium-rich intraworkout drinks
-Capsaicin-based products -> topical application of something like eviscerate will stimulate local thermoreceptors and significantly boost vascularity to the region
-Caffeine + DMAA


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Coop, is it wise to only take GMS on work out days? I have bulk AS GMS and I'm only taking it 4 days a week. Thanks!


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2gr Agmatina + 2gr ALCAR + 2gr icariin 10% + 200mg caffeina anidra = PUMP MONSTER!


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