Competitive Edge Labs M-TEST review after 12 weeks


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I just finished running 2 jars of M-TEST and my run lasted 12 weeks because I dosed it Mon-Fri and I took the weekends off and the reason I dosed it this way is because I have a lot of experience with one of the ingredients Tongkat Ali aka Long Jack. My experience in the past with Tongkat Ali is that it definitely gives me a nice libido boost but if I continue taking it without at least a 2 day break in the week the libido effects slowly diminish as I continue using it. When it comes to herbal boosters whether its a blend of ingredients like in M-TEST or a single ingredient supplement I look for a few certain effects.
1- Libido Boost
2- Better Erections
3- Mood Boost
4-Deeper Sleep
5-Body Composition

The dosing is very easy I took 3 caps with breakfast and 3 caps with dinner and again Mon-Fri.
The first 2 weeks into it I started to feel a slight libido boost which wasn't too crazy but it was there and it continued this way during the next 10weeks. On weekends when I was OFF the M-TEST the libido effects REMAINED :) which is WHY I was glad I dosed it the way I did because with my experience in the past with Tongkat I wouldn't have felt the libido boost past 4 weeks.

The other effect that I saw at about week 5 was a ever so slight hardening effect where my veins had more pop to them and this was on days when I was OFF from training so on my days off I looked like I trained which is of course a good thing.;)

This was actually the ONLY two effects that I saw from M-TEST and I was a bit surprised that I didn't feel more especially from the sleep factor because I've used just Tribulus in the past and that had me sleeping much deeper. I was also surprised that I didn't feel any type of mood boost which I have felt before when I've run just straight up TKA. This is a well dosed herbal booster with quality ingredients and it gets VERY GOOD feedback here on this AM forum but as with all herbals everyone responds differently and for me it's just decent and nothing mind blowing. Overall if anyone is looking for a very well dosed herbal booster I would give M-TEST at least a try cause as I mentioned everyone responds differently to herbal boosters so you just might be the one who will love this one like others on this forum or you might be like myself and just find it to be decent. I WILL be trying CEL's Anabolic Effect in the future and I plan on grabbing 2 jars next time I go on a shopping spree over at DPS and of course review it when I do try it.

Would I buy M-TEST again in the future? Maybe, but first I'll be picking up two brands of Tongkat Ali and running those two brands at separate times and see how I feel on that ingredient on it's own since it's been a while since I've used it on it's own. If I do ever run M-TEST again I'll probably throw in 1 cap of SNS Bulbine with the 2nd jar and see how interesting I can make the 2nd jar feel since Bulbine works good for me and I respond well to just 1 cap a day for 6 weeks.

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