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So I'm at a point in my journey (29) where I've gained 30 pounds of muscle (some fat in the ab area but I'm pretty lean for the most part). I currently way 190-192ish and I'm 6'1.

Anyway I wanted to dabble in some stuff to give me an edge without going all the way to prohormones and came across CEL M-Stack and Anabolic Effect. I plan on running them both together 8 weeks on 4 weeks off. Is this recommended?

I see people here talking highly of it, but I can't really find other forums that talk about it. Does this stuff really work or is it just all hype? Like idk if you guys are paid sponsors or something lol, but like 99% of the people on here SWEAR by it. Can someone confirm to me what I can expect on these? Thanks in advance!
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