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What is StimRush?

Pre-workout supplements are a dime a dozen these days; many companies egregiously label-dress their pre-workout products with bunk ingredients in minute doses. StimRush is taking a different path to change the pre-workout category for the better.

StimRush is a premium clinically-dosed, research-backed pre-workout supplement for serious athletes and gym goers alike. Utilizing efficacious doses of science-backed ingredients in precise ratios, StimRush works to rapidly increase focus, concentration, motivation and energy. It is the ultimate pre-workout supplement to help you conquer your workouts and improve your physique.

Better yet, the ingredients in StimRush are highly versatile and can help you break through both training and fat loss plateaus. Push past your limits as you feel the powerful ingredients of StimRush elevate your metabolism to help you get that stronger, leaner physique you’re after.
The StimRush Difference

Every ingredient in StimRush was chosen with a purpose in mind and dosed at an amount backed by scientific literature. We want you to to get the most out of your hard efforts in the gym, so we refuse to settle for an inferior formula.

The ingredients in StimRush provide endless energy, clear focus, enhanced blood flow and ultimately allow you to build more muscle, burn more fat, lift more weight, and train longer. Not to mention StimRush tastes amazing and you’ll look forward to it before each and every training session!
Key Performance Enhancements Of StimRush

Clean, Explosive Energy & Razor-Sharp Focus
Immediate Increases in Strength & Power Output
Enhanced Fat Loss and Blood Flow
Delay Muscular Fatigue and Enhance Endurance

The Science Behind the StimRush Formula

Let’s take a look at the science and research behind the StimRush formula and why this pre-workout belongs in your supplement stash for good!

Beta Alanine (3.2g):

Beta-alanine is primarily found in naturally occurring peptides such as anserine and carnosine, the latter of which is an important dipeptide (made up of histidine and beta alanine) in muscle cells and is limited by availability of beta-alanine. Therefore, StimRush incorporates a max efficacy dose - 3.2g per serving - of beta-alanine in order to increase the concentration of carnosine in muscles. An 8-week study on collegiate athletes found that those who supplemented with beta-alanine gained lean mass and lost body fat; those who didn’t take beta-alanine lost lean mass over the study period.[1]
Primary Benefits of Beta Alanine:[1][2][3]
Increases intramuscular carnosine content
Delays onset of muscular fatigue
Increases capability of muscles to perform work, which subsequently supports muscle anabolism
Promotes vasodilation/pumps since carnosine generates nitric oxide (NO) synthase, the enzyme necessary for NO production.
Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg):

Caffeine is an organic, alkaline substance primarily found in tea leaves, coffee beans, guarana, and a variety of fruits. StimRush includes 250mg of caffeine per serving to satisfy even those who are highly tolerant to stimulants. Research suggests that athletes who supplement with both creatine and caffeine before training produce nearly 10% more peak power during sprints than those who take just creatine by itself. [4] Thus we suggest you stack StimRush with our Creatine Monohydrate product for maximum results.
Primary Benefits of Caffeine:[4][5][6][7][8]
Enhances carbohydrate metabolism
Propels the effects of creatine supplementation
Supports fat loss by increasing fatty acid oxidation
Provides psychostimulation by increasing epinephrine (adrenaline) levels
Increases oxygen uptake via bronchodilation
Decreases muscle interstitial potassium levels
Choline Bitartrate (250mg)

Choline bitartrate is a salt form of choline, an organic water-soluble vitamin found in the brain. Choline is crucial for the formation of acetylcholine, and appears to have a multitude of nootropic properties in the brain. Acetylcholine acts as a neurotransmitter in our brains and plays a large role in arousal, motivation, cognition, and memory enhancement.[9] Moreover, studies seem to suggest that choline can increase strength performance by as much as 3% in just a matter of days.[10] While 3% may not seem like a lot, it’s actually quite a significant improvement when you look at the bigger picture. Every rep and every pound on the bar counts, which is exactly why choline bitartrate made it into the StimRush formula!
Hordenine HCl(50mg)

Hordenine is a plant-derived alkaloid that acts to increase levels of catecholamines in the body.[11] By supplementing with hordenine, you effectively liberate key hormones such as adrenaline and noradrenaline from stores, ramping up cognition, blood flow and fat loss.
Ampiberry® (50mg)

Ampiberry®, a patented form of juniper berry extract is a key addition to the StimRush formula as it enhances the effects and duration of every other stimulant in the product. Essentially, by including Ampiberry® in the product, your body will more effectively utilize the other ingredients, resulting in even greater, longer-lasting performance enhancements!
Higenamine HCl (50mg)

Higenamine is a plant-derived compound that acts to agonize adrenoreceptors in the body. By activating the enzyme adenylate cyclase, higenamine effectively increases cellular levels of cAMP, and induces a variety of stimulatory effects and enables a stronger response to adrenaline.[12]
Theobromine (50mg)

Theobromine is the primary alkaloid found in cacao, and is essentially a methylated version of caffeine. It's primary role in the body is being a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, thereby increasing cellular levels of cAMP. While structurally and mechanistically similar to caffeine, studies suggest that theobromine has differential contributions to mood and cognition enhancement, which is precisely why it rounds out the StimRush formula.[13]

StimRush Dosing Recommendations

Mix one rounded scoop (5.5g) of StimRush in 8-12oz of water and consume 30-45 minutes prior to training. Do not exceed two scoops within a 24-hour period. Combining StimRush with other BPS products such as Creatine Monohydrate is recommended for enhanced results.

Q: Will StimRush interfere with my sleep?

A: In general, we suggest taking StimRush no later than 5 hours before your bedtime to ensure you can sleep properly. Note that every person has different responses to stimulants so you may need to allow for more than 5 hours based on your individual tolerance.

Q: Can I stack StimRush with other stimulants, like energy drinks and coffee?

A: We do not recommend adding more stimulants to StimRush as the formula already contains a complete spectrum of stimulants.

Q: Should I take StimRush with or without food?

A: We recommend taking StimRush on an empty stomach for maximum effects. If you eat prior to taking StimRush, the effects may take longer to kick in.

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