Best Warm-Up Routines of All Time, to Use Every Single Day?


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Hi Everyone,

I wanted some references to the best dynamic warm-ups, of all time, to use before each workout.

1. Personally, I used to be against warm-ups.

If I did a few laps or the stationary bike. for a few minutes, before I lifted, I was always about 10% less strong.

2. However, this last year, I have done the "Unlock Your Hips" and "Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings," both by physical therapist Rick Kaselj.

It does require a balance stability pad for some of the warm-ups. Other than that, it is equipment free.

When you master the movements, it takes about 15 minutes to complete both.

I find them great before a workout, during a workout, or after a workout. It also works as a standalone stretch break (in place of a coffee break) at work.

As CriticalBench specialist Mike said, it raises the core lift strength about 10%. Tight sitting muscles like the hip flexors and hamstrings are loosened. Weak and inactive muscles like the glutes and abs are activated.

3. I know some of you recommend Joe DeFranco's Limber 11:

4. Any other opinions into the best routine that really works?

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