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So here's my goal sub 10%....

Here's my stats

Height 5'4
Weight 154
Bf 11-12% (estimate)
Training 16 years plus
Anabolics a handful of cycles currently test 600mg and mast 400mg
Diet 6 meals a day 2200 calories (46p,34c,20f) typically
Cardio 45 mins liss every morning
Weights 5 times a week (bro split - shoulders, arms, back, legs and chest)

So August 2018 I had gained far too much bf around 196lbs. The first 28lbs came of easy just eating healthy and clean not concentrating really on what still had a cheat meal every week but other days was eating 1750 and weight lost began to stall. Fast forward to February 2019 I started paying more attention to diet, started doing cardio at first 20 mins every morning and worked it up to 45 mins. The next 14lbs dropped off while eating more (the above) 6 meals high protein. But now it's stalled again. I've tried cycling carbs... So every other day 200g less rice but nothing (obvs that will change the above macros). Total two cheat days since feb.

I've also recently started a cycle. Not my first done many over the years. But I'm a bit unsure how I should adjust my macros with this - can I get away with less fat in my diet due to the test coming from elsewhere? Now I'm watching my diet closer than ever.

But what's best and where to go from here. Typically I think my protein is a bit high at 255g a day and so I'm thinking about lowering that maybe to the 200 mark. But what are people's opinion? I intend to keep cycling carbs. Could the actual weight be muscle gain. I think I'm looking better... But want to ensure I'm optimizing my results.



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For starters move most of the carbs to your peri-workout window so they land in the muscle where you want them. That will go a decent way into making headway. Also if you haven't had a cheat day since February then have a big carb refeed to help restore some leptin to bring your metabolism up a little. You will be surprised how different 200g of carbs right around your workout effects your body compared to it being spread throughout the day. Especially if you tend to gain fat easily when you increase carb intake.

Wake up tomorrow and start pounding carbs, keep your protein moderate and fats low all day. If anyone asks how many carbs you are going to eat today you respond with "ALL OF THEM!!!" as dry lucky charms dribble out of your overstuffed mouth. No really shoot for say 600g of easily digested carbs. Don't try to make sure it is all healthy crap either. You are doing this for a purpose and want high insulin levels, so sugars, rice, white bread, sweet cereals, pop tarts and the like are all on the menu for the day. You could even repeat the day Sunday then go back to your normally scheduled meal plan but with the carbs surrounding your workout instead of spread throughout the day. Give it a week or two and see where you are.

Other than that, back off on cardio a little, and weight train faster with less rest and shorter breaks to expend more energy. John Meadows is a big proponent of minimizing actual cardio, and burning the fat with faster paced lifting and he and the people he coaches always come into shows in excellent condition! That way you burn fat while building the muscle and can rest more outside of training for better recovery and growth.

I think those changes should help.


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John Meadows is a big proponent of minimizing actual cardio, and burning the fat with faster paced lifting .
Wait I thought that was cardio;)

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