Unanswered Anyone here have EoE or on PPIs?



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I’ve had random globus sensations (lump feeling in the throat) for quite some time now and figured I’d get it checked out over the summer. Went for a barium swallow and the x-ray showed I have minor reflux and a very minor sliding hiatal hernia. The radiologist didn’t think it was that unusual at all and showed me there was nothing visual going on with my throat. So I went for an upper endoscopy with biopsy. Pre-biopsy results they told me everything looks normal and the globus sensation may be anxiety related or perhaps from the minor reflux. I did not have a single classical symptom of reflux though so I figured there had to be more. Sure enough biopsy results came back and I had a ton of white blood cell accumulation in my esophagus. It’s a term called eosinophilic esophagitis and is believed to be caused by a non-Ige allergic reaction. They figure that’s what’s causing my globus sensation. Their only solution is 40-80mg of omeprazole every day. I’ve never taken antacids and refuse to jump into PPIs (let alone that dose) for something that’s most likely allergy related and not reflux related.

So I have 2 questions. 1) anyone here have this rare EoE disorder? 2) for those of you on PPIs, what are your side effects? Has your digestion of protein gone down hill since on them? I still don’t want to take them but am curious how people into fitness eating a very high protein diet fair on them.

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