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Very cool, did not know you pinned that frequently. Do you do subq or IM? I've been reading a lot lately about people pinning subq daily. Even down to as low as 10 mg per day for guys over 70.
I’d probably get lazy and just go once a week, but it seems like I always plan a cruise after 10 weeks of something, get labs back and it looks like I haven’t taking anything at all, so I’m like “well **** why not run some Trest Ace for a few months, then I get labs again, everything looks exceptional, and I do a blast with NPP or something. This goes on for a long time. I may not be a hyperresponder to gear, but my body seriously has no issue with me blasting it. Never have dirty labs ever unless I’m running some shitty toxic oral.


Please do keep an eye on bp and htc, especially if you stick to 300 mg. My bp was awful on 200 mg.

Dosing T twice weekly is something worth bringing up with your doc, in my opinion. Doctors prescribe shots once every week or two strictly for compliance. A lot of guys agree twice weekly is superior for maintaining stable hormone levels, more stability = less estrogen conversion.
Good advice ty. Next time i get my refill i will mention it. Im not thrilled with stabbing myself EOD, or even every day like some do, but maybe twice a week won't be an issue.

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