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    Stim Free Pre Workout Ideas

    If you want to go more the focus route you could look into Foxus XT - Caffeine Free as well.
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    How Long Are Your Sessions

    I like to warm up and cool down properly, so that adds some time to my workouts. Usually its structured like this: 10 minutes on a Elliptical 10-15 minutes of activation and mobility work 60-90 minutes lifting 10 minutes on Elliptical 15-30 minutes mobility work (RomWOD)
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    The 2020 Black Friday Deal thread

    Sorry no. I stopped trying to get US sites to ship to Sweden years ago as I never had one shipment actually make it to me.
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    The 2020 Black Friday Deal thread

    Black Friday in Europe is always a sad thing compared to the US. Powermyself and Bodyshock is running a 15% off site wide as an example and they usually give out 10% codes randomly during the year anyway. So it doesnt inspire us to shop like madmen when the day hits. Running a store in Europe...
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    Best and purest creatine supplement of them all? Where to buy in USA/EU?

    So here in Sweden ON only list Creapure on their capsuel creatine and not their powders. So the next time you see a tub, take a look at it and see if it has the Creapure logo. I went to their US site and pulled these two pictures of there and i cant see the Creapure logo on the powdered jug.
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    SNS & Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales

    Id be all over this if i was in the US!
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    In the Mail ....

    I make it real easy for myself. I take 1 cap with my Meal 1, which also is my pre-workout meal. Then i take one with my Meal 4, which is my second to last meal of the day.
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    In the Mail ....

    I’m halfway thru my second bottle of Epi-Plex and enjoying it so much I got a third. GlycoPhase has been a staple for over a year now I think and still loving it.
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    Modern Equivalent to PES Ergonine Supplement in 2020?

    We had a thread about it not long ago, maybe you can find some suggestions there:
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    SNS Lean Edge Discontinued?
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    Vector, CEL Anabolic Effect, BMP too expensive in UK

    Powermyself has a special on AE. So if you buy 3 (which i recommend for a 12 week run) you get them at 48£ each. Thats usually where i get mine.
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    Feeling like I am hungry during a workout

    Also you can consider your pre workout snack. If its a high glycemic carb it might spike your blood sugar for a little while but after that tank it. So maybe another carb source pre workout can fix it as well.
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    Feeling like I am hungry during a workout

    Might be a blood sugar drop? Some low level of hypoglycemia can cause you to feel hungry.
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    In the Mail ....

    I LOVE gingerbread, hope to see this hit Sweden.
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    Some usernames would make great supplement names!

    Some names on the other hand are best for cleaning agents...