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    white and african american

    If your'e White your'e White, if you're Black, you're Black.
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    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

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    Anyone here wear cologne?

    Yup yup yup.
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    Anyone here wear cologne?

    My 2 favs......McGraw and Polo Double Black.
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    who's in concord, nc or surrounding areas?

    I'm in The Burro aka Goldsboro.
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    Swollen Elbows WTF

    Really wish someone would reply, both elbows still swollen uhhhhhhhh.
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    I always mix my shrimp juice with a good Cleveland steamer.
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    Everything bropumping

    Hate when i get a domestic violence charge from knocking a bitch out, i mean, she did run up on me when i was having a fist pump session, c'mon now.
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    chronic alcoholism

    Yea man first realize you really need help, i know first hand you can't go through treatment unless you really want it. Luckily i never fell into the whole drinking thing heavily, i preferred drugs myself, heroin mainly was my problem, then methadones, just make sure you REALLY want to change...
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    Gawd awful winter drivers

    Well i'm in North Carolina so a lil bit of ice on the roads but that was it, of course nobody around here is used to it so the tow trucks were very busy.
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    Swollen Elbows WTF

    So i did shoulders and tri's the day before last, nice soreness as expected yesterday, but extreme tightness, like more tightness than their should be in my tri's, then i wake up today and can hardly bend either arms past a 90 degree angle, and the whole area around my elbow and like a inch up...
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    Music 4 the Chill N You

    The Doors, Sublime, Jane's Addiction so many more that i don't feel like typing.
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    Superbowl Picks

    Im pulling for the Raves just because it's Lewis's last game.
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    Your Dream Football Team

    I don't care what anybody says imma die hard Hillis fan that dude not only can bulldoze his way through anybody but has speed, and will focking hop over u in a minute.
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    Your Dream Football Team

    Yah.....Peyton Hillis ​:)