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  2. Tren E cycle with test base whaddya think?

    Is Osterine actually god for healing? Always thought that was just another bs DJ Sarm claim. Never seen any studies to indicate it heals any better than any other AAS.
  3. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  4. Mk677 and HGH dosing question for injury rehab

    What kind of research or experiences have you seen about using MK while also using growth? Curious, does the exogenous GH blunt the effect of the MK? Personally Ive run growth, or Ive run peptides, at least I usually do not do both on the same day. I just figure that the peptides are...
  5. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  6. Superdrol Solubility (Homebrew)

    This was like 10 years ago. I think it dissolved, maybe not completely. Just dumped it into the oil, nothing else. It may have been more of a suspension, but I think at least some dissolved. Sorry I know this is important. The cycle went really well and I used it all up. Coconut oil would...
  7. Superdrol Solubility (Homebrew)

    Injectable superdrol will have ba and bb, which you dont want to drink. Ive made anavar liquid for oral use and also winstrol, used an oil, i forget, olive maybe. Id try an oil first, if that doesnt work, try an alchol like everclear. If that didnt work, Id use water or glycerin and just...
  8. Bought a home HGH test kit (labmax) here are my results..

    Why people waste time with these kits that only detect the presence of a substance is beyond me.
  9. does any one have any idea or experience cycling off a test cruise?

    This is my general strategy for pct. Get a bottle of HCG and use it up while still on test to get your gonads working again. Add in exemistane at this point. When the gonads are working again, drop the test and start daily clomid. Mind the gap between last T shot and blood T levels...
  10. Resting heart rate

    RHR on tren is nutz
  11. Homebrew Anavar Oil?

    You done this yet, what concentrations were you able to get?
  12. Weird Anavar Sides?

    Yah roidtest only tells you that there is Anavar in the powder. Could be just a dusting.
  13. Wicked Peptides Melanotan Log

    Yah, I havent done a ton of research on this one myself and just trusted that since even soccer moms use it, it must be safe. Doctors ruin everything, lol
  14. Wicked Peptides Melanotan Log

    Well ****
  15. Wicked Peptides Melanotan Log

    Ive gone through several bottles. I always take it at night because it kills my appetite, that is the worst side effect, along with some nausea. The more you use it, the less nausea. Good stuff. It actually helps me sleep too. Try not to get freakishly tan.