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  • I am getting ready to run 4-AD and 1-AD from AMS and was thinking about adding 5aOHP to the mix. Do you think this will be beneficial or should I run 5aOHP alone?
    Pretty darn good I'd say lol. Been kind of MIA myself this past week, but doing good all in all :) glad to see you back.
    Hi Staked, How's the training coming along?
    Yea, this is the name I use on most sites. People keep PMing me asking if its me, this will alleviate a lot of confusion :p
    On a side note bro, I ordered two bottles of the ecky to add to my pct. I cant wait to see how it goes. I looked into true Turk, but for 120 tabs its like 80 bux so i dont know. Gunna see how I respond to Ecky first..SJ
    And bro, damn on the abs brah, wish I could get mine like that..SJ
    Thanks bro, at first I thought you were referring to my cartoon avatar, LOL
    Congrats on the promotion....from lowly "registered user" to "Taurus nutrition rep".....movin' up my friend!
    Sent ya an email bud go check it out
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello StakedCop,

    Welcome to AM!

    Please take some time to check out our uniques feature here at Anabolicminds! Create your profile, track your diet and workout, join a group, or just graph your overall progress! Thanks for joining AM and enjoy your stay!
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