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    Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    I noticed OL doesnt make Tudca anymore or at least I cant find it anywhere. Also Antaeus Aegis gone too. Is OL going to make it again? If not is there a good alternative brand thats legit?
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    NutraPlanet still open? has close dated protein bars and other items plus a 1,000% better reputation at this point than Nutraplanet does. NP ripped me off twice last year by not sending me things I paid for and they never responded to my 37 phone calls and emails so I avoid them like the plague
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    Nootropics and personal experiences?

    Kinda looks sure it's legit?
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    Which form of glutamine do you prefer?

    Glutamine lol the turd that wont flush
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    ohh ! nutraplanet

    I used my debit card. GUess I could contact the bank but my experience not as good as a credit card company
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    Nootropics and personal experiences?

    whats a good brand of galantamine now?
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    ohh ! nutraplanet

    What do you guys recommend I do to get my money back?
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    ohh ! nutraplanet

    Pretty much impossible to get a refund out of smartpowders (same company as NP I think). They owe me $60 and never ever answer the phone or call back when i leave a message. Also the email link on their FB gets a failed deliver mailer daimen message when i try to email them. Two boxes came with...
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    Does Mr. Cooper post anywhere anymore?

    If not who are the most knowledgeable guys here now for me to read? Getting back into the supplements
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    The official ask me anything thread

    Whats the best longevity supp in your opinion?
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    Best tasting BCAA products.

    AminOD by purus labs tastes great.
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    Body building and marijuana

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    Coop's Corner #5: Verbascoside/Lemon Verbena Extract

    I think he means sustamine
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    Article: Planet Fitness Violates Women’s Rights…and Worse!

    Feel bad for people that care about stuff like this
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    Citrulline Does Not Increase Blood Flow or Protein Synthes

    I guess if I am reading it right its like sets or one set of around 30 reps?