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  • Papapumpsd, I have some questions about igf-1lr3. Ive got a small 120mcg vile. I used a 1cc syringe to reconstitute it. Im not sure if this is correct, but what I thought was to draw up 6 tick marks of AA. It is a 1 to 1 ratio right? What i injected then was 1 tick mark of igf-1(20mcg) bilat. Does this sound correct? The 120mcg viles is what throws me off. Also, is there a mcg to pound ratio to use or just a guess? How long will it take before i see effects?
    Thanks for your time and help, Shoe
    i have a similar condition, MD dx as a myopathy which means my muscles breakdown when I reach a threshold. Any suggestions?
    Whats up Papa,
    I'm naterally an ectomorph and planning on running CJC 1295/G6 alongside my Test/deca cycle for the first month(CJC at 100mcg 2x/wk and GHRP-6 at 100mcg(200/day total) 2x/day ed. I don't care to benefit from the fat loss properties of the peptides cuz im at a 7% BF as is. I have more G6...would u recommend running higher dose less frequently or lower doses and more frequent pinning for mass. Thanks alot man, you're threads are always extremely helpful and interesting. Chiz
    hey hows it going. I had a quick question about peg mgf. I shot the peg in my right thigh about 2 weeks ago and the very next day from my shot my lower thigh and top of my knee are a little numb(it doesnt hurt just a weird feeling when i touch it, i can pinch it and feel a little bit) A buddy of mine told me that I hit a nerve and damaged it and he said that this could take a couple of months to go back to normal. Am I in trouble or will this go back to normal. Thanks
    hey man i was thinking of starting a cycle of ghrp6 and cjc1295. I am currently 6'3 242lbs, not fat but no that big. i want to lean out a bit but still gain some good size. I was wondering if you could help me out with a place to buy the stuff. when/how much to shoot and anything else that i should watchout for? Any info would be great, thanx again man.
    hello Mr. Papapumpsd, i have been doing a lot of read and research on these forms and i was wondering if you can help; i want to create a mass stack that will yield great gains but low sides. I'm 6'0, 165lb, 10%bft. thanks for your time bro.
    hey man thanks for accepting my friend request. I too started working out at the age of 14 and just recently got into nutrition, supplements and even prohormones/steroids. I don't know much about the latter but I sure am learning quickly.

    I have been trying to be a good student and read up on these peptides as much as possible, but with the vast amount of information and different opinions I figured I would ask you and dat directly because you both seem to have a very good working knowledge of the subject. Ok, stats 6ft 177 8% bf and my goals are to keep the same leaness and add 15lbs. I am a hard gainer, so 15 would be sweet.

    For the past year I have rotated between 5iu's per day of hgh, and 3iu's with 50mcg of igf every 40 days. I dont use aas, and dont want to and I know that these are conservative doses. I wanted your opinion on the best way to stack the following for my goals. I have a sufficient supply of (gh,lr3igf,peg-mgf,cjc-1295 8 day half life version, and ghrp). I like to keep my sides to a minimum and limit myself to no more than 2-3 shots per day. I would like a good maintenance type program that I can run year round....Thanks for the knowledge in advance bro,

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